"U & I" - Ho-Kago Tea Time

When you’re not around I can’t do anything.
I want to eat your food.
When you come back,
I’ll cling to you with a super smile.

When you’re not around I can’t apologize.
I want to hear your voice.
Being able to see your smile is all I need.

You always gave me courage just by being by my side.
I want to be together forever.
I want to tell you these feelings.

Whether rain or shine,
You stayed by my side.
If I close my eyes I see your radiant smile.

When you’re not around I don’t understand anything.
Where’s the sugar and soy sauce?
When you come back,
I thought I’d surprise you and yet…

Unconsciously I act spoiled towards you,
Since you’re too kind.
I receive so much from you without being able to give back.

Obviously I thought about how you stayed by my side.
I thought that such days,
Would continue forever and ever.

I’m sorry; I’ve only just realized it now.
It’s something that’s not so obvious.

First I’ll start by telling you,

I wonder has it reached your heart? I don’t have any confidence right now but,
Don’t laugh and just listen,
Because I put my thoughts into a song.

I want to place all my “Thanks”
Into a song and send it to you.
I will never ever forget these feelings.

My thoughts, reach!

Lyrics taken from K-ON! Wiki.